Getting Alexander Work in Businesses

How To Increase Your Income
(While Keeping Your Current Practice)
Through an Intelligent and Focused Drive
to Secure Business Clients


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This is Jeremy and by the time you've read this I plan to have answered all your questions and concerns about joining my new ATSuccess course: Getting Alexander Work in Businesses. We get started in May. 

Please bookmark this message and read it a few times - especially when you need inspiration. Everything you need to know about the ATSuccess approach to getting Alexander work with businesses is here.

I wrote it to give you confidence, answer your fears and inspire you to aim for a financially successful and influential life as a teacher of Alexander's Discovery.

For me it is a no-brainer, it is so obvious.

Why wouldn't you want to do this as your preferred way of earning a living?

You benefit others as much as the work benefits you.

I understand that joining my Online Course is an important decision for you: it will involve using your financial and time resources.

Is it the right decision for you?

You can skip the next part - go straight to "Purpose of the Online Course" - but if you are wondering how ATSuccess can work for you, read this story of the first teacher who benefitted from the ATS 12 Steps; then watch the video of the first teacher to join ATSuccess Pro to develop her business clients.

Case Study #1: Basil Kritzer

Basil Kritzer - an American born in Hong Kong and raised in Japan - was my first ATSuccess client. This is where you...

Read His Story

Case Study #2: Angela Bradshaw

ATSuccess Pro Graduate, Angelia Bradshaw, spent a year with Jeremy being coached on developing her B2B business....

Watch Her Interview

Purpose of the Online Course

You join the course is to gather together new clients who pay for your Alexander service within their businesses.

A business-to-business (B2B) practice means that the person paying for your lessons is not the person receiving the lessons.

It's essentially different, because the reasons an individual takes lessons is essentially different from the reasons a person would pay for someone else to have lessons.

Think of the parents of little Tommy. Why do they pay for Tommy's lessons? It's not Tommy's wish, Tommy doesn't even think about it. 

And of course - that means teaching Tommy is a wholly different teaching challenge as well.

This essential factor - the separation of the buyer and the user - mean you must rethink the way you offer and deliver your services.

The course is designed to accustom you to the specialised communication skills required. Your aim is to develop the ability to speak with authority to your buyer - in a voice appreciated by this new kind of client.


Companies can love your service, hate your Product.

To secure work, it is essential you learn to design programmes that are attractive to your clients. Firstly, you will work on developing your Product - who you will teach, how you will teach, what you will teach, and the duration, location and cost of your services.

There is no template for this - it is unique to your client and situation.

Secondly, you will develop your ability to communicate seamlessly through your writing, your teaching, your marketing and your negotiating skills.

In ATSuccess we refer to this as "Markeaching".

Markeaching recognises that effective communication is common to both teaching and marketing. When you teach, you know who is receiving your message. When you market, you do not know - this is the primary difference.

Gaining work in a biz environment requires rigour - a quality that has been developed during your Alexander training. You are an astute observer of behaviour and can build on these skills to branch into work with businesses.

This course runs on many guiding ideas:

- the ATSuccess 12 Steps
- the 3 Tenets of getting business work
- the 3 Guidelines for running effective groups


It is a rich, diversified course with many layers of learning.

You gain access to many alternative ways you can expand and change your current teaching practice.

The purpose is to increase your income from teaching so you are free from the constraints and worries of too few students and not enough money.

"Jeremy, through his keen insight into what is important for an individual and his deep understanding of the realm of possibility of Alexander's discovery, has helped me discover my voice in the corporate world as a Coach, Teacher and Development specialist. Jeremy saw the importance of what I could do and pushed me to boldly pursue the work I am doing, and that has made all the difference in my life."

Melody Schaper
AT Teacher Working in Business

Getting Work with Businesses

A Quick Summary of the Course Content, Structure and Coaching.


This module incorporates the ATSuccess 60 Day Foundation course, along with new material focused on getting work with Corporations.

Along with your individual coaching, you will be exploring answers to these four simple questions: 

1. What kind of work energises you?

2. Which companies have problems you can solve?

3. How you can effectively teach these people?

4. Where/how you will deliver your service to them?


"Don't give up your day job until your new business pays for itself."

 There will be 2 coaching sessions with Jeremy every week. One time will be convenient for your time zone. You are welcome to attend both.

Coaching happens for 3 consecutive weeks, followed by a week off to consolidate and reflect.

Exact times shown below.
Tues/Thurs (or Wed/Fri for Japan, NZ and Australia)


The course is divided into 3 Modules.

A. Finding Your Clients & Designing Your Service

This is the course that is currently taking bookings. Read more below.

B. Delivering Your Service (Sept/Oct/Nov)
Open to participants with clients.

C. Sustaining Your Service
(early 2019)
Start with Module A – decide later if you need further guidance.

"ATSuccess is valid for people starting out and for those who've been teaching a while (like me) for all the ideas and discussions. A great boost for your business. Absolutely do it! "

Liz Jeffries


Being Successful in Finding New Clients

This module incorporates the ATSuccess 60 Day Foundation course, along with the new material focused on getting work with Corporations. This is an updated edition that ATSuccess Pro graduates have not experienced. It is the Foundations course rebooted for this new, more focused drive on getting work in a corporate niche.

During your 6 monthly coaching sessions you will be exploring - and hearing from others - answers to asking your Self these four simple questions:


1. What kind of work energises me?

You have many different opportunities in the Corporate world - it is a rich and diverse community where you can certainly find your own place.

The current success of "mindfulness" as a method of stress management in business demonstrates that you can "package" your Alexander work in a form that matches the both the market and the way you enjoy teaching.

For example, you can easily translate the idea of "mindfulness" into "bodyfulness" - using Alexander's discovery to self-manage your condition in the workplace by learning to stop, reflect and redirect your behaviour.

You may love teaching others this way of being.

Or you may prefer working with predominantly physical issues - helping a person to rethink how they do a difficult task in a factory; or adjusting to office life to manage a serious condition; or give them an embodied experience of the bodymapping basics of human movement - any of these can lead to you becoming their hero.

You receive their joy for showing how to open up to the real and deeper meaning of "good posture" for a stressed and beleaguered staff.

Over 5 years, the Swiss army knife company Victorinox saw their productivity increase by 40% - simply because less and less people working in their factories needed time off. You will become a treasured and long-term feature of any company when you accomplish results like these.

Other teachers love working with emotional issues: discovering how to speak confidently; maintaining poise while asking for a raise; dealing with difficult co-workers.

Or you may specialise in presentation skills?

This is a rich and competitive area. And wherever you find competition, it means there is work to be found too! It only goes to show that when you persist, you can establish your own corner in the Corporate world.

With Alexander's work - in your hands - you are able to produce superlative results. All by people developing good use! No-one can believe this, yet your company will slowly become amazed at how you can help them achieve better voice, more confidence and clearer thinking.

Once you are know your preferred way of working, then you ask…

2. Which companies have problems I can solve?

There are plenty of companies for you to choose from!

Our approach will be two fold -

1. Looking for opportunities that already exist around you; and
2. Putting a longer-term focus on the kind of work you want.

On the first point - many teachers who have come to ATSuccess discovered they had resources they did not know they had!

Until you see, you cannot look for it.

Opening up to new possibilities, opens you up to new solutions.

It could be anything from recognising a fan who would love to introduce you to their company - but never thought you were interested - or maybe you realise you have a powerful skill-set that has been rarely utilised in your Alexander lessons up to date.

Or a hundred other unexpected discoveries to delight and motivate you to continue.

On the second point - we will start to research what kind of businesses would be most receptive to your kind of work?

In ATSuccess we call this your "niche" - but instead of consumers like musicians or dancers or people with bad backs - you are seeking a business that has a financial problem that your work can positively impact.

Just as people have burning problems - like bad backs - so do companies have these burning problems. But these 'problems' come in the form of staff turnover, staff absenteeism or poor presenteeism, low productivity or low moral.

Businesses cannot make the link between your work and their problem - you need to do that brain work for them. There are literally thousands of businesses that could match your niche, but until you find the way to convince them, they will never know it!

With determination - and playing a long-term game - there are multiple opportunities available for you to lift your practice and bring about long-term success.

Once you succeed with one, it opens the door to many more.

Businesses have a strong antennae for successful outcomes.


3. How can I effectively teach these people?

Having made the links between your skills and their biz problems - now you must deliver those results! How can you do that?

You will probably need to re-think the way you deliver your Alexander service. The corporate environment can be harsh - demanding clear outcomes backed by convincing evidence. This is not a time to be vague or wishy-washy.

Clarity is power, and at ATSuccess you will aim to develop clarity in the way you teach.

At ATSuccess, we have been coaching teachers to do that in all kinds of ways. Once you join, you will find a lot of resources and support for developing your teaching methods. Every teacher's need is different: in your coaching sessions it will start to see how you can develop your teaching skills.

You must be able to deliver some kind of tangible result.

In the course, we will start figuring out the kind of teaching methods that win over a sceptical audience; that get you 5 star ratings and land you a "next meeting" with management.

We call this "markeaching" in ATSuccess - the way you teach needs to have built within it the design to motivate people to continue wanting to learn. When you are successful in markeaching this way, people want to know what they can do next.

And what will come next?

Together we will develop your "service road-map" so you can logically explain how this mysterious Alexander process leads to the results they expect from you.

Your service may need to involve multiple varieties of delivery. At different times you may be called to "coach" individually or "lead" large groups or even give an "infotainment" presentation to win over sceptics in the organisation.

You may not even want to call your work "teaching" - it all depends on your corporate niche.

These skills can all be developed of course. You can't expect a sudden or quick change, but rather plan a strong, deliberate and conscious redirection of your teaching methods.

At ATSuccess and BodyChance we have been innovating different ways of communicating Alexander's discovery for many years.

ATSuccess already has many resources available to you during this course, including the 3 simple principles that will ensure your group classes are popular with participants; and how to handle Online learning; and what kind of bodymapping will be effective.

Over the course, you will develop materials, procedures, games and activities to support your unique "Alexander" service.

It's long term, and the time to start is now.

4. Where/how you will deliver your service?

There are many ways you can get started.

One possibility is to look for a symbiotic relationship with an already existing corporate service contractor. This will be less lucrative to you - as they charge to the company and then pay you a portion - but it gives you a taste of this teaching life.

You still must be ready to markeach your service to them - and this course can pave the way for accomplishing that with more ease.

Another possibility is to partner up with some other teachers who are similarly motivated, pool resources, work out the problems and keep each other focused and motivated. You are likely to meet like-minded teachers in the ATSuccess community - already several partnerships have evolved between members of the ATSuccess village.

Or you can carry on individually - approaching and negotiating an your own teaching contract. If you go this route, there are many ways you can be supported in ATSuccess.

One lesson from my Japanese experience: when possible, separate the money contract and delivery of your service.

Negotiations can get stuck harping too much on "delivery" instead of "results."

If you start talking at length about delivery systems - groups, individual time etc - the company may balk at losing the productive time, and find the logistical burden too complex.

Avoid this in the early stages of negotiation.

Better to agree "in principle" by first convincing your decision-maker of the results you can accomplish. Figure out how many - and which - staff you will work, and for what fee.

This is not always possible, but it is better you have a clear negotiating strategy before you start. Once you get the go ahead, THEN - working with HR - you can devise a way to conveniently deliver your results.

Making a service plan that is easy for the company to fit into its operations means you are more likely to win a renewal of your contract.

And do you know what to charge?

One simple formula is to figure out how much it is costing the company to deliver its staff to you, and NEVER charge less than that.

Or guestimate the HR budget for each employee - usually not much - and pitch your overall Product to match the amount of available funds.

Depending on the power plays - you also want to charge a price that your contact has the authority to authorise; this avoids someone "upstairs" killing your deal by refusing to approve the spending.

When you start getting serious leads and negotiating contracts, the second Module of this course will being in September, 2018.

It's not possible to predict all the permutations and contradictions that can emerge in this stage of your work - that's why the coaching component of this course is also critical to being successful…

"You get loads of practical tools of how to go about your biz successfully. You are quizzed to draw out what niche you could use to attach your teaching to It's a great to stimulate your thinking about how to make Alexander's discovery known to a wider public."

Sonja Higgo
AT Teacher, Nuremberg

How It Works

At the heart of the ATSuccess approach are the three tenets of Alexander work in business - these are explored in every session. READ MORE BELOW.

The 3 Tenets of Alexander Work in Business

These tenets are my insight in how our Profession must position itself for maximum advantage in the coming century. Yes, I'm serious.

1. Target businesses first, then the individuals in them.

2. Sell your results, not your services.

3. Use a metric to calibrate your payment.


Although simple, these 3 tenets shape a very different kind of Alexander practice.

This is not how most teachers practice in businesses - you will join a core group of highly effective consultants of any kind who are to achieve these terms.

You can achieve that because of the results you are able to produce in your teaching. Alexander's discovery - once experienced - gobsmacks most people. You will be treasured and effective agent by staff and management alike.

While you may not be able to start practicing in this way from the word go - strategically it is important that you embed this outcome in the way you present your work from the very beginning.

You are aiming in the long term to graduate to a productive and profitable position.

Alexander is industrial, and this course sets you on a path with a long-term view of consistent work and revenue. You are pioneering - that is the nature of Alexander's work. Get used to it or find another Profession. It's the way we must work, because the world has not known a Profession like ours before.

Which means you are on the leading edge of something new.

This strategy is premised on the radical results that Alexander's discovery has demonstrated in the consumer market over the last century. We know it is still easily the most effective and long-term solution to muscular-skeletal dysfunction available - and the inseparable mental stress.

Alongside this, some of the issues you will be exploring in the course are:


• identifying people who will gladly accelerate your biz
• using surveys to convey the power of your work to management/HR
• how your current individual students can prepare you for work in businesses
• why it's better to negotiate around the hard - profit/loss - aspect of a company:
• how important it will be to produce objective, verifiable evidence as you teach
• how to leverage the marketing novelty of Alexander's discovery: be a boutique biz
• why your new mantra is this realm must be: Be Prepared. Be Very Prepared.
• explore the many different kinds of "evidence" you can produce to convince others to buy
• why cold calling is a waste of your time - position to be welcomed, not suspected.
• how to position your Self as the Intimidator, rather than feeling intimidated


This will be a rich and layered course with many levels of learning: practical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

Spiritual? Really?

Yes, this is about Alexander's discovery and that is an extraordinary thing. So simple, it's shocking.

Expect to make new friends and become part of a vibrant community that is focused on bringing benefits to the world by spreading the message of Alexander's discovery to more and more people.

This is noble, and selfish - just like a good Alexander lesson has always been.

"I had the sense of a safe, supportive environment where every student’s personal steps in the process were respected (no matter where you trained) and authenticity was encouraged. Jeremy's skills with clear focus and sensitivity in allowing students to recognise and work with their real needs were so valued by me."

Eileen Johnson

Your Investment

In Business it's called ROI = Return On Investment. Before you pay for the course, be serious about calculating what you must achieve to make the course a smart investment in up-skilling your abilities.

ATSuccess Pro - which ran 5 times - cost $3,600 to participate.

It lasted a year, and there are many successful and happy graduates. One of the early graduates - Peter Jacobson - now runs the largest Online School of Alexander Learning in the World. This is for singers, and involves over a 100 singers from countries all over the world.

Another is Eleni Vosniadou, who now runs the largest Alexander school in Brazil, targeted aimed exclusively towards musicians, with over 30 trainees.

If you want to do it - ATSuccess is the way to build your business and increase your income

"Jeremy is so passionate about the benefits of the Alexander Technique and has so much drive to get the Technique into the wider world, as well as earning some decent money along the way. It is not shameful to want to earn a living from teaching, after all it is our chosen career path & why shouldn't we earn decent money from it just like other professions do who train for a considerable length of time, be they accountants, solicitors or physiotherapists."

Kim Cant

You Deserve Better Pay

YES - you should earn decent money and the majority of teachers who apply and implement what they learn at ATSuccess see their practices improving and their income increasing.

One important aim of the course is to show you how to set up a new income flow that will cover the cost of the course. From my past experience I can say this: if you implement what you are shown, it will pay off.

However, if you don't think you will do the work, then think again about spending the money.

I CAN show what you need to do, and I CANNOT do it for you.

You must walk the talk - as I and many other ATSuccess members have done - then it is almost certain that you will see some improvement. A lot of that depends upon you. Will you do the work?

It takes work - yes. However, not the kind of work that wastes your time.

In this course you get the focus to follow the strategies that many teachers before you have successfully used. You can save a lot of time - by NOT USING strategies that jeopardize your long term prospects.

Finding out about questionable strategies happens all the time in coaching sessions…

A teacher comes along with an idea - then another member says: "Oh, I tried that and this is what happened. Don't do it that way - do it THIS WAY."

Or Jeremy tells you the story of a teacher who tried that in the past, and what happened when they did.

In your coaching sessions, you are pulling in the wisdom of over 150 teachers have attended different courses over 5 years of coaching. This wisdom can save you a lot of wasted effort.

Saving time is saving money.

Yes, you can probably do it on your own - but will you? Do you know the role models - in the Alexander Profession itself - that show it can work? At ATSuccess there are members from all over the world, working in all kinds of different niches, that you can meet and discuss your concerns with.

This is what ATSuccess can offer - a collective community wisdom. You will meet like-minded teachers that you did not know existed. They will share with you some of their own lessons, or Jeremy will point them out to you.

And by the way - the first module of Getting Work in Business does not cost $3,600!

It does not even cost $1,000.

You can start by paying $298 per month.

Or - if can pay all in advance - you end up paying only $198 per month.

It means no more than the income from 4/5 lessons per month.

One new student could pay for that.

Payment Options

Decide based on your clarity, readiness and ability to commit.

Monthly Plan



3 monthly payments.

Allowed to cancel anytime.

Cancelling before completion forfeits your access to materials.

Payments will not be refunded.


Pay in Advance



Pay $594 in advance.

With this option you save $300.

Gives you permanent access to all online materials.

No refund if you leave.


Modules A+B



Pay $984 in advance.

With this option you save $804.

Mod A (May/June/July)
Mod B (Sept/Oct/Nov)

Same terms & conditions.


How You Use The Course To Find Business Contracts

(Remember: more contracts = more income.)

First, the online course is going to be about YOU.

Not biz, not Alexander Technique, nor markets or selling, nor biz strategy: not any of those important things. They are secondary…

Because FIRST you need the right mind set, then all the other stuff works easily.

The decision you have now - to join Finding Work in Businesses - is all about your mindset. One part of you is naturally wanting to preserve your time and money resources. Of course! It's naturally. AND YET…

Could this be the most important decision will you make this year about your practice?

How you decide is important. You are an AT Teacher - you know how new decisions works.

As Marj once declared to us in a workshop…

"You can't use your old habit to change your habit, it doesn't work that way."

As you consider your decision, remember that feelings may not be the place from which to make a clear decision. You must also trust the means whereby you came to be here in the first place. ATSuccess 12 Steps teach you to find objective information about your biz to make important decisions…


"You can have no idea how much your series has unblocked my process… All sorts of things are finally coming together with no effort on my part. It is organic as I allow it to happen. A large part of this is getting out of my own way - another very AT idea!!"

Kit Racette
AT Teacher, Montreal, Quebec

Maybe You Did ATSuccess Before?

Some of you reading this are already convinced there is value in ATSuccess. However, you are wondering if this is the right course for you? Others have been watching on the sidelines for a while now, wondering if now is a good time to jump in?

My guess is that you are attracted to ATSuccess because you recognised a need for new ideas, new information. Your teaching practice now is not as wonderful as it was; it could be better.

Just like Alexander, you see there are still obstacles to getting where you want to go.

What you want is to find more students and earn a living from doing what you love. That's common for everyone in ATSuccess - it's the aim of the program!

"I have really found it useful to be involved in Jeremy's ATSuccess 12 point plan and have picked up some great tips. I use Facebook as a good marketing tool, I have many more local followers and use paid ads and I have a lot more enquiries from this. I liked your CTA [Call To Action] which I have incorporated in my website and promotional materials. I use some of your body mapping ideas in my evening classes, which are now full. "

Mark Claireaux
MSTAT, Brighton, UK

Jeremy's ATSuccess Story

(It wasn't all fun)

I was in a scary place in 2013.

My Alexander school was collapsing.

I had two small children, a wife who didn't work and no savings. I was desperate, scared and pushed to the wall.

It was a do or die moment.

It was then I realized I needed was biz mastery. I knew from the books I had read (The Talent Code, Outliers) that Mastery of anything was a 10-year, 10,000-hour affair and I decided:

"I am going to become a Master of business. I don't care how long it takes or how much it costs… I. Am. Going. To. Do. It.”

When you start your journey with ATSuccess you are starting your move towards Mastery - it's possible, all you need to do is start.

These are skills that guide you towards financial security: being empowered to utilise your own skills; no longer being reliant on others.

A life with that security - doing what you love to do - is immeasurable.

I have spent my 10,000+ hours developing Mastery. I continue studying today.

The very first Pro members of ATSuccess have shown that the ATSuccess 12 step formula works.

Since they joined, Eleni, Angela, Jennifer and Peter have seen significant developments in their AT biz. Ask any of them - do they regret spending that time and money?

Here's what Angela wrote to me...


"Since joining ATSuccess, I have discovered clarity and drive and my enthusiasm for my AT biz has been reignited. Focusing in on my niche in a directed manner has enabled me to put in place an effective strategy which has successfully changed my business into one targeted to Medical Imaging professionals. ATSuccess was the business backbone I needed to bolster my presence and create credible teaching programs. Highly recommend it."

Angelia Bradshaw
AT Teacher, STAT, Chobham, UK

Finding Your Way in a New World of Business

You Need A Coach Who Has Walked the Talk

My company BodyChance is historically - and still today - the largest commercial enterprise to ever emerge from Alexander's work.

Today BodyChance runs three studios in Japan with 128 trainees, and many hundreds more studying every week in our public programs.

There is no historical model for an Alexander business of major proportions.

BodyChance is the first. In the last 20 years of its growth, BodyChance has not found this an easy journey, and it continues to be a challenge.

In joining my course on how to get Alexander work in businesses, you are becoming part of the second chapter in the BodyChance story.

Up to now, BodyChance has focused on teaching individuals - CONSUMERS - and running training schools.

Now BodyChance is turning its attention to getting work for its Graduates in businesses.

With a full-time teaching staff of 7 people, and additional full-time staff acting professionally to support our operations, we are a credible business for Japanese corporations to deal with.

The climate in Japan today is very favourable to Alexander's work.

The Abe Government is pushing Japanese corporations to use their profits towards more actively handling the health of their employees. They are being instructed to appoint a "Chief Health Officer" at the highest executive level - and 200+ large corporations have already done so.

The Government no longer considers the National Health Service to be solely responsible - Japanese corporations are being called upon to pull their weight and deal with many serious health problems in the workforce.

Today, Japanese Corporations are actively seeking consultants in health-related areas.

BodyChance is perfectly poised to take advantage of this movement.

UsPlaza - or the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center - is a statutory body created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to support new start-up companies. In October 2017 BodyChance's new venture - Productive and Profitable Health Systems (PPHS) - was approved by UsPlaza for four years of their support. We were the first non-manufacturing company to ever be granted this status!

They have assigned four business consultants to support BodyChance's PPHS venture over the next four years.

These consultants are giving us their advice on how to target our prospects, define our service and create effective sales tools. Even more importantly, their 70 "Business Navigators" have the job of introducing our Alexander-based PPHS service to appropriate Japanese businesses.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to get Alexander's work considered by high-level executive decision-makers in Japan.

BodyChance must still close the deal, but at the very least we have some serious people willing to listen to us.

As I write, BodyChance is finalizing a contract with the 3rd largest call centre in Japan - Relia - to run a training for 6 months with 50 of their staff. Relia see this a prototype to assess the results of including Alexander education in the benefits they give employees.

They currently have 20,000 people on their payroll.

BodyChance will also be funding me - Jeremy Chance - to set up a PPHS office in London in 2019 to introduce our work into the UK. One of our Japanese contacts has already agreed to introduce us to their counterparts in the UK.

The UK is the most mature market for Alexander's work in the world - with strong market recognition, a long history, and the largest number of teachers of any city in the world today.

Times are exciting.

It is a perfect moment for you to consider reorientating your career towards business clients.

For that, you need to prepare your mindset and re-engineer your teaching methods to survive and thrive in this new environment.

In my course, how you teach is a critical and constant component of the coaching I will be offering you. You must be able to deliver - and deliver what you promised you could.

In business - they are not shy of results, they expect you to deliver. Not only that, they want you to indicate what you can do, then hold you accountable for doing it.

It's not a market to be shy and humble - quite the opposite. You need to stand up and be counted for what you can do.

Time to stop apologising, and instead start proselytizing!

The experience BodyChance gains in the Japanese market will be of invaluable help to you if you sign on and keep in touch with developments as they happen.

There is a new community forming - one orientated towards getting Alexander work in businesses.

BodyChance's experience - in defining, contacting, negotiating, closing and finally delivering an Alexander service to a client - will be of direct benefit to you.

It's a field full of rabbit holes.

Rabbit holes that can lead you into a maze from which you might never emerge!

Having a coach with experience in leading you across this field is of invaluable help to you.

"Thanks for the workshops. The thing I took away from that is the idea that business tools are a way of facilitating end to end communication with clients. For me this fits in very well with AT because it's a holistic thought and allows me to examine what's happening in my business life. I saw the workshop as an evolving part of a very new activity - the application of AT principles to business."

Kevin Saunders
AT Teacher, Yoga Teacher and Web Developer

Your Investment

Depending on your readiness - here's three ways you can pay.













Saved the Best Till Last

This is a special offer available until March 31st ONLY.

When you sign on to this course before or on March 31st, I invite you - FREE OF CHARGE - to join me of charge to attend my coaching sessions in April.

You can use this time to talk about your current practice, and get some hints to build that into a healthier state.

These times are posted to the MasterMinders Facebook group.

This is worth $298 and I am giving it to you so we can have time to talk together and get acquainted before the major course kicks in.

ONCE YOU SIGN UP - you will:

- get an email with login details

- gain access to the FaceBook group.

- have a personal message from me.

- be able to attend any or all of the 6 sessions conducted over 2 weeks on Tuesday and Thursdays.

See the Facebook group for further details.

I look forward to meeting you then!

From the desk of Jeremy Chance
March 20th, 2018

Your Investment

Depending on your readiness - here's three ways you can pay.













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