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A Chance To Reinvent
How to Communicate Your Work

And Gaining A Powerful New Tool To Do It

From Jeremy Chance

A teacher who learns is a teacher who grows.

Carol Dweck in her (highly recommended) book Mindset -The New Psychology of Success asks about great teachers…

"How can growth-minded teachers be so selfless, devoting untold hours to the worst students? Are they just saints? … The answer is that there're not entirely selfless. They love to learn."

Do you love to learn?

Then in ThinkingBody, I have a treat for you.

It starts with a familiar story - FM's story of how he evolved his Technique. Every teacher has read that story, but how often?

How well do you appreciate and understand FM's story?

One of the strong influences in my evolution of teaching skills was Marjorie Barstow, the first teacher to qualify from FM's training school. When I first met her in Australia in 1986, she carried around a copy of Use of the Self. It wasn't even an original edition; it was the NEWEST version published by David Alexander, with an illustration of FM on the cover.

And despite being the newest version, FM's book was in tatters.

Her copy of Use of the Self was falling apart. Marj had read, and re-read that first chapter "Evolution of A Technique" so many times that she needed a rubber band to hold it together.

How many times have you read that chapter?

After experiencing Marj's teaching - and her intellectual commitment to understanding FM's story - I started to study this particular writing again. I still do today. Just a few months ago, I extracted ANOTHER epiphany of significant meaning - a fact that had been staring me in the face for a long time.

The depth in this chapter of FM's book is unfathomable.

Being committed to learning means being committed to working on learning.

Great Teachers are Not Born Great - Greatness is Developed!

Success doesn't just run up to you - success is the result of pursuit, your pursuit. It is the result of your thought, your application, your reflection,  your study, your practise, your learning.

You do the work; you get the result.

Talent has very little to do with it.

ThinkingBody Online presents you with an ideal opportunity to revisit the basic tenants of FM's great work by a teacher - Jeremy Chance. I have been practising, thinking, reflecting, studying and teaching this stuff since 1968 (when I had my first lesson).

Probably before you were born? Oh, dear.

Why Study This?

Because hidden within the exploration of FM's story is a new tool, a tool unseen by most of the Alexander community. Today, it is only known and used by the hundreds of trainees and teachers of BodyChance in Japan.

I call this new tool, the Learning Compass.

It is based on the Enneagram; however, it had been developed initially by me.


A "COMPASS" – because it shows you how a process of change, growth and development progresses. (Always beginning at the end, and ending at the beginning again)

A "COMPASS" – because the process of change goes through many different flavours and stages, and this tool shows you how that works. (3 energies, six steps)

A "COMPASS" – because as you grasp the stages of this process, your teaching can never be the same again. (The end of any unconscious confusion about what you are doing)


However, you learn about the Compass - not through some dry, "chalk and talk" explanation - but by seeing its application in FM's story.

You gain a new tool, and new enlightener of comprehension, from a familiar story.

And the result - as you study it - is a deepening and clarity in your own expression of the work.

As you go through this course, you may be challenged by many ideas.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO AGREE - and you will get to think freshly about old questions...

There are times when I challenge FM's teaching technology - for good reasons that I explain - and offer you an alternative teaching methodology.

This course offers you a chance to re-engineer and reorganise your teaching practice.

You may end up teaching precisely the same way - but with clarity and new conviction about your choices.

Are you teaching how you teach because, well, that is how you were taught?

Or are you on a journey to evolve your methodology, in your own way?

BodyThinking Online is for teachers who haven’t decided yet that it is time to stop learning!

Teaching Is About Learning

 The best teachers are the ones who keep learning.

Seymour Sarason, a Professor to a young Carol Dweck, influenced her entire life as a teacher by this straightforward remark:

"There's an assumption, that schools are for students' learning. Well, why aren't they just as much for teachers' learning?"

ThinkingBody Online is a school for teachers' learning.

It is designed to ask you basic questions you may need to ask once again. And if you have asked them recently, then you will be delighted to discover new nuances, new meanings and ultimately, new applications in your teaching practise.

I have a lot of "sidebars" and "rabbit holes" in this course.

Many times I venture off FM's story and share with you methods and discoveries that have empowered my teaching practices.

I share different methods that fit into what FM was writing about. 

Make Your Aim Realization, not Knowledge.

The aim of this course is not knowledge -  it is to realise.

Realisation - as opposed to common knowledge - is entirely different energetically.

You can know that one day you will die, but you only realise this when your doctor says:

"You have pancreatic cancer, and there's a 95% possibility that you will be dead in 6 months."


You walk out of that surgery with the realisation of death.

And, as many people's stories have shown, the realisation can dramatically alter your life. It releases a new kind of energy, which you then employ to make fundamental changes in the way you live.

My aim for this course is to bring you to new realisations about how to teach.

Realisation and knowledge are as different as a movie and life. They may feel the same, look the same - and they are entirely different. My aim with BodyThinking Online is to share things I have realised, and how important they are to affirming and deepening your practice as a teacher. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Building this course took me hundreds of hours.

It was a marathon struggle, to be honest.

Worse than writing a book, which I have also done.

The discipline to sit down, marshal a lifetime of thinking and practise, and distil it into 33 videos was not something I had ever done before.

I scripted every video in advance.

I didn't just set the camera up and start going blah, blah blah.


I wrote out the entire course first.

I thought about the content of every video – every single idea in every individual video. I kept rearranging my presentation in different sequences, searching for the most effective way to present a clear progression of ideas.

The amount of care, time and thought that has gone into this presentation far surpasses anything I could do in a workshop, or even in my training school.

It took me a year - thinking every week - to get this course completed.

I have left NOTHING out. From my 40+ years of teaching, every idea related to Alexander and my work has found its way into my ThinkingBody Online course.

My original motivation was to create something for my trainees.

I wanted to give them the gifts of my lifetime of learning, and hurry them along the way to becoming gifted, well-informed and capable teachers in Japan.

When I think about all time I spent - paying for the video and editing staff and all BodyChance team members who advised and supported the project along the way - I figured out that this course cost me more than $50,000 to produce. (Closer $100,000 when I put a monetary value on my personal hours of blood, sweat and tears!)

I also don't expect to earn that back - I was investing in BodyChance and the future of my school here in Japan.

To ensure that my lifetime of learning is preserved, even if I am not!

I could charge more than $1,000 for this course - but I won't charge that much!

I won't even charge $850 or $650.

The final price to study the course was $597 - which, at current New York/Tokyo lesson rates - is about the same as taking 5 or 6 lessons with me.

In fact, you will be taking more than ten lessons with me.

And each of those lessons has several mini-lessons within it. You have your life to use the program. If you think this is something you want to do, then go ahead and purchase it now… 

But Wait! There's More...

I am adding the second course that goes with this, for no extra. You get both courses, both comprehensive, for the same price.

But Wait! There's More...

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But Wait! There's More...

As you watch this video, I am sure that there will be many questions coming up. I want to hear your questions, your challenges, and your comments. When you join, you will be given access to a secret Facebook group where other teachers who have joined this course will be available.

And of course, I will be available in the Facebook group.

Although you watch me online, you can also benefit through live interaction in your ThinkingBody Online Facebook group. I think this is a crucial aspect of the course - giving you an opportunity to ask questions, clarify points and challenge my ideas in your private Facebook group.

You are guaranteed access for as long as this course remains on this platform. I still have 100+ trainees studying this course in Japan - so that will be a long time!

You join our Facebook group with no limit and have sessions with me at a reasonable rate if you want them. I normally do not make myself available for individual coaching. However, I make an exception for members of the ATSuccess learning community.

There are over 100 teachers in my community and - unless you are already part of it - most of this activity is hidden in Facebook.

We choose to run in our own world, which focuses on the development of a craft that will appeal to the public.

ATSuccess is about developing the skill necessary to offer a service that attracts many people to your practice. If you want to develop this practice, you can do so by being part of the ATSuccess community.

To make your payment, you will create a username and password that will give you instant access to the course.

You could be starting in just a few minutes.

I will email you the link to the Facebook group, and either add you directly or make sure you get an invitation from Facebook to join our group. Please send me a Friend request on Facebook if we are not already friends…

I look forward to meeting you on the other side.

But Wait, There's Even More...

I know for many teachers and trainees, this course involves a considerable investment of money. And ultimately - how can you know the course will give you what I promise?

Of course not. Neither of us can honestly know that.

Instead, I give you this guarantee…

My Full Refund Guarantee !!!

You have seven days - from the exact time of your purchase - to ask for a full refund.

If you realise the course is not what you expected here's what you do: Contact me - BEFORE 7 DAYS have passed since your exact purchase time and request a refund. I will issue you a refund without question.

This purchase is a gamble you can't lose.

At the very worst, all you will end up with is a little more than what you had when you started! Your money back, plus a chance to at least a glimpse into a teaching world that led to the creation of the largest teacher training school since FM's first lesson in 1894.

Something appealed to people - what is it?

Come and find out.

And rest assured: if the course is not up to your full expectations (or needs), let me know WITHIN 7 DAYS, and I will issue you a full refund.

I look forward to meeting you in our Facebook group…