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ATSuccess Foundations Online Course

NOTE:The video above was originally recorded when the course was offered to start on a fixed date over 60 days with a group of people -  please ignore those references!

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This is an online course which involves 6 lessons with a total of 17 videos. And I am always adding to the content.

All crafted for Alexander teachers.

Where else can you find that?

You will be able to view the content I have prepared, download the worksheets that are part of early lessons, and watch some previous coaching sessions where teachers explore their own Alexander practices with me - and I give them my advice.

Much of it will apply to you too - these are all Alexscovery teachers.

You will be part of the MasterMinders Facebook group, and have an opportunity to share with others and discuss what they are doing.

At some point during the course, you can join a live coaching session with me. It is better to start the course, then schedule that later.

For a long time I offered the course over 60 days - with deadlines and pressure. Now you can join with no deadlines, all the time you need - I believe it is better this way,.

You have access to other ATS-trained teachers to share and ask questions in your two Facebook groups - both closed to the public.

Since the time of the "60 Day Course", my Foundations Course content has been enriched with many bonus Products.

If you want to ask anything quickly, try messaging me using the link below. I will get back to you quickly.

Click here to contact me via Facebook Messenger.


Additional coaching is available for a fee of $300 per month on a minimum 3 month plan.

Which goes to show you that - with the current 50% c19 discount - the cost of the entire course is currently less than one coaching session with me.

And I already include one session in the price. I'll only do this with a few people - once I have enough, I intend to end the offer.

I don't have enough time for a lot of teachers. I want to be sure that those who join have a quality experience. I am naturally generous by nature - I will give you access to whatever I think will support you acting in your own interests.

Book it now, even if you cannot start now. It's an online course - it won't go away, but the deal I am offering now will.