How to Teach Alexander Online
May 1st ~ 9th (Recorded)

With a combined teaching experience of 238 years, Jeremy Chance, and the 5 Associate Directors of the world's largest Alexander Training School, gather online for a week to share with you how they are meeting the challenge of teaching Alexander's discovery (aka Alexander Technique) ONLINE.
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Class are all held in Japanese times. Each session will be conducted in English, and translated into Japanese.

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Idea Sessions

Each Associate Director of BodyChance has been asked to present insights gathered from teaching online over this last year. For example, Tommy Thompson did his first online class (for BodyChance) in March 2020 and is now giving regular sessions online. 

All these teachers have gained extensive experience teaching online and will be sharing their discoveries with you. These are described below – click on the teacher's photo for a short summary of their content.

Each “Idea Session” will run for 2 hours with no break.

“Idea Sessions” will be recorded and available to view permanently after the Symposium. They will also be packaged and sold to Alexander teachers, trainees and students both before and after the workshop in Japan and overseas. You have the option of disclosing your face/voice or not.

Practical Sessions

After their first “Idea Session”, each teacher will run two additional “Practical Sessions” exploring the application of their ideas to the requests of participants.

Anyone attending the live class may request to participate in the Practical session. You get an opportunity to both experiences and observe "Alexander lessons" being given by online by teachers who have been collectively teaching for 238 years...

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Please note that some of these “Practical Sessions” will be recorded and available to view until the end of May.

Only those who enrolled and have paid to attend live classes will be able to access these recordings.

However, after May 2021, all access to these “Practical Sessions” will permanently cease.

Jeremy Chance

Creating A One Second Alexander Plan

People love their Alexander lessons because they feel better.

Many teachers take pride in their ability to communicate Alexander’s Discovery through touch. Online teaching seems to challenge this element of a successful lesson. Alexander was quoted as saying: “You can’t tell a person what to do because the thing you have to do is a sensation.”

Except you can tell them how “to do a sensation”! You can deliver an exceptional experience. 

How do you do that?

Cathy Madden

Adventures in Zoom-dom
(and other online platforms)

At the start of the pandemic, as everyone began teaching, working, and socializing online, I started to hear things about “zoom fatigue”. 

I was puzzled because I wasn’t experiencing what my students and colleagues reported to me.  I started to wonder what I was doing that was different: “how am I responding to using this medium?  What am I doing to communicate in this virtual world that takes care of me as I teach?” 

Greg Holdaway

The Embodied World has 4-Dimensions
(Even Online)

The human mind can encode qualities of biological motion perception with a high degree of accuracy from just a few moving points of light, provided that they are moving! Imagine what your mind can do with millions of pixels of moving information. The trick is to embody the experience within your own sensory experience in 4D in order to enable your mind to ‘complete the picture’, something the mind is eminently good at doing. 

In Alexander terms, this is called “getting out the way” :-).

Lucia Walker

Practising Presence
(in place, online, through time and space)

Connecting to our own presence and three-dimensionality allows us to connect to others in their own spaces and time zones through the online space.

I will invite movement exploration and observation of personal use as well as deepening our sensory appreciation of ourselves and the objects and environment that surrounds us.  We will remember the importance of head neck spine relationship and how we are using our vision. We will also explore using touch and our hands in a receptive way that will support using touch I teaching when we are able to.

Tommy Thompson


Butterflies ‘emerge’ from their cloistered cocoon with complete freedom to move and to experience themselves as they wish in ways never experienced in their previous stages of growth. 

We did not choose to walk into the darkness of this past year, but we can choose how we wish to walk out of it. And we can walk together. We are butterflies now. We have been transformed by the events of 2020 and 2021. We will explore the transformative gifts of our understanding we have received and the bright prospects for our future.

Sarah Barker

Teaching Without Touch

I have been teaching Alexander’s work in groups in my university courses for 45 years. Fifteen years ago, I began teaching Mr. Alexander’s principles for the first ten lessons of any class without using physical guidance through touch. Then in the eleventh lesson, I would give individuals activity turns in which touch guidance was central.

Through this approach, I discovered many advantages...

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