How To Evolve Your Teaching

ThinkingBody is the course that explains Alexander's Discovery process for teachers, students and enthusiasts.
This is the story of its gestation over 37 years.

The Origins of ThinkingBody

This online course (coming soon) started as a playful way to gamify Alexander's work for a group of tired participants at a residential workshop in Australia in 1980.

It then evolved into a process that explores how your own change mirrors that of FM's story, and how to make sense of all the twists and turns that happen in a transformative process.

It is a tool both for teachers to understand how to guide this process, and students to understand what they are going through.

It is central to the BodyChance ProCourse school in Japan, and will soon be offered internationally as on Online Learning experience.

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How To Gamify

People learn better with a smile - the ThinkingBody method involves gamifying the process of learning .

How To Integrate

Just hearing about FM's story - even if fun - still leaves a person wondering how it connects to them.

How to Personalize

Alexander's story comes alive when learners relate it to their own life challenges - the big ones.


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