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BodyThinking Online

Effective teaching relies on a deep understanding of how bones, muscles - and ranges of movement around joints - are involved in movement. In this comprehensive 3 module course, you will be shown how to analyse movements to produce remarkable changes.


"The lessons are short and to the point and follow a logical sequence that gives the viewer a clear picture of how the exterior of our bodies can create confusions about the interior."

Maria Bucht
AT Teacher, Sweden

"A really accessible course in bite-sized modules which leads you smoothly through an understanding of the body through movement."

Eve Salomon
AT Teacher, London

"I like the BodyThinking Online programme as it provides me with a structured video lesson series to tap into anytime, anywhere. If I'm feeling out of touch with the work and need some help to start working productively and constructively again I can watch one of the videos and I'm back there in the work. I feel it has given me a real boost."

Teresa Taylor
Trainee, Sydney

About the Course

Head & Axis

Explores how head movements govern vertebral coordination through digging into the anatomical detail of the entire head/spine/ribs relationship.

Arms & Axis

Arms are shaped by overall co-ordination. This module offers details on the the basic organisation of arm movements from muscles, to the concepts that guide them.

Legs & Axis

Legs are an amazing outgrowth of spinal movement - still subject to the governance of head/spinal relationship. This module explores the big picture in fine detail.

Testimonial from Julie Pauls, PhD, PT

Julie Pauls is a Physical Therapist and President of Atlas Posture® in the USA

Getting access to BodyThinking Online is like flying to Japan, to the largest Alexander-related training course on the planet, without a plane or a passport.

You don’t even need shoes. In fact, you may take your shoes off more after watching the videos on the lower leg.

But beyond saving me travel costs, this online course saved me my most valuable asset – my time. The information & stories shared in these videos provide a synthesized access to BodyChance’s Founder & MD, Jeremy Chance, some 40 years of experience in teaching Alexander’s discoveries in a way that is current & financially sustainable. My knowledge base just jumped ahead by decades.

 And since I am also a physical therapist, you know lots of anatomy comes with the territory. Unfortunately, I’ve been guilty of focusing on the “parts” of a client’s anatomy at the expense of the whole person. Lost the forest for the trees so to speak. These videos helped me flesh out the big picture as I apply Alexander’s work to the activities of daily living that matter to my clients.

 BodyThinking Online helped me systematically review my understanding of anatomy with my understanding of movement. And I found gaps in what I know & what I actually do as I move. I want to be an Alexander teacher that can embody, in my own body, an optimal way of moving freely. A continuing work in progress for sure. But these videos helped close the gaps.

 My goal, as a teacher, is to help clients access the support their bodies already have by understanding & cooperating with their intrinsic design. And BodyThinking Online is a key tool in reaching this goal.

Julie Pauls, PhD, PT
President, ATLAS Posture®


Jeremy Introduces BodyThinking

This video is the first in the course. Jeremy explains 3 themes underlying the course, and how they relate to Alexander's discovery.


This course will speed dial your ability to work in new activities – group teaching style!

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Teachers of movement today can no longer plead ignorance about anatomical truths. Instead, speed learn into becoming an intelligent analyser of movement, and a smarter teacher of activities.