ATSuccess Masterminders with Jeremy Chance

A monthly program of coaching to improve your teaching by learning how to "markeach" i.e. evolve your ability to gather more students through effective communication. There are three strategies shown below.

Find Work with Businesses

Many ATSuccess members are improving their financial security by gathering more business clients.

Develop Your Niche

If you already have a second skill - you can harness this knowledge to grow your practice faster.

Promote Alexander Technique

If you love "Alexander Technique" there are still ways you can directly promote that and succeed.

"I'm glad I joined ATS Pro because it's given me a clear structure for the process of building my business. It's given me the confidence to actively take steps needed to break into my chosen niche of women entrepreneurs."

Imogen Ragone
AT Teacher, Owner of BodyIntelligence

"I really appreciate the well laid out lessons, videos, webinars, group teaching and support. And it is also so great to be part of the caring, sharing community. I am so glad I signed up with ATS Pro. I recommend it any time."

Jann McMichael
AT Teacher, Owner of Natural Vocal Freedom

"ATS gives to your business a new perspective and actually encourage you to really take the steps which sometimes seems to be out of your comfort zone."

Viktoria Veszelik
AT Teacher, owner of Life With Kids

How You Can Get Motivated • Make Your AT Practise Busy • And be with a Fun, Caring Community

Get Financially Stronger and Emotionally Focused with Like-Minded Teachers.


Alexander listed 3 obstacles to change:

1. Laziness
2. Beliefs
3. Fear

1. How Do Get Motivated To Do Something About Your Alexander Practise?

Usually you know all the things you SHOULD do:

- Get a biz name
- Build a website
- Write a blog

And maybe you even tried to do that?

But with little success.

Well, that's not the ATSuccess way. These days, I am not even sure you need a website. Maybe a page or two on the web - sure - but a whole website?

Nah, forget that. At ATSuccess, we see that are more important things to do.

But what?

It differs for everyone.

Which one is best now? And what is your overall plan?

You need coaching. No two Alexander practises are alike. That's why you need personal advice, on a weekly basis.

In MasterMinders you can get just that. Twice a week - 6 times in a month - you can jump on a live coaching call with me and ask anything you like.

Advice tailored to your specific situation. Not a template. Every other biz course puts your through a series of lessons, some of which apply, some of which don't.

At ATSuccess I am interested in YOU. Where are you at?

Out of a vast list of possible actions, which one is going to be the right one for you now?

That's the value of MasterMinders. Personal, customized advice, 6 times a month. And not only that, there will be other teachers on the call - same of you - dealing with many different issues. You can listen, learn and get new ideas.

Many teachers have met at ATSuccess, and gone on to team up together in anything from an accountability group, to mounting workshops together.

This is a true community with a simple focus:

To find you more students.

Other than that, there are no rules.

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2. You don't know the first thing about how to build a business?

You have beliefs - as Alexander pointed out - that stop you taking actions. In this case, a lack of beliefs. An ignorance in what truly makes a business work.

Yes, it's true. You need to study that. I have - and in the process I put together the ATSuccess 12 Steps to building a successful Alexscovery practice.

This is just one of three approaches we take to building your practice over time.

What is an Alexscovery practise?

Alexscovery Teacher is my AT.

Because what we teach is Alexander's discovery. The form in which we teach that may be chairwork/tablework - Alexander Technique - or it may be totally different from that. Like Steven Shaw's Art of Swimming or Peter Jacobson's Total Vocal Freedom.

How do you create a totally original, new kind of Alexander Business?

Come and find out.

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